Diary of a Toddler

A firm favourite and best-selling title with early readers and parents, Diary of a Toddler shows a day in the life of a preschooler. The book starts off at 6am when the toddler wakes up and takes the reader through each hour of her day till she goes to bed. This is a fun book that not only entertains the readers, but educates them on the importance of telling and following time. It is also relevant to parents who get tips on creating a sustainable schedule for their kids.

Kob the Antelope

This is a heartwarming illustrated children's story of a young foal who wanders away from his herd and gets tricked by a cunning hyena. Kob thinks hard, breaks free from the lair of his captor and reunites with his long lost family.

Tobi Visits the Conservatory

Tobi, along with her best friend Olly, have a fun day out with Mum and Dad. Join them as they discover an urban wildlife sanctuary in the city of Lagos.